GW Crafts is an online business I own and manage. I have been editing this website since 2006.

This website is exclusively edited in HTML.  Click here or click the image above to visit the website.

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I have been editing and updating the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) website since August 2011 using Expression Engine content management software.  Click here to go to the MCEC website.

I designed and built this website using GoDaddy WebsiteBuilder. was chosen as the URL for this website because Sterle is my maiden name and the SusanConnolly URL was not available.

Susan Connolly

I have been editing and updating the website for more than ten years.

‚ÄčThis website is exclusively edited in HTML. The "For Sale" page is updated when the client has new starts, interior photos or homes that have been sold. Click here or click the images above to visit the website.