Spring 2015 Rolnik Quarterly Magazine for RVOS Insurance

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Salado Lions Club Phone Directories

I have done a series of five phone directories for the Salado Lions Club over the last ten years. This project is produced every other year as a fundraiser for the club. The books have approximately 60-90 pages. Members of the club sell the ads and then I handle ad coordination and approval directly with the advertiser. These are 8-9 month projects. I also handle all aspects of production including layout, design, print coordination and print brokering.

Susan Connolly

December 2014 Rolnik Quarterly Magazine for RVOS Insurance

Cole's Antsy Pants

Cole's Antsy Pants  was written and produced by Jake Price and Illustrated by Jesse Moore. I was given the text and Illustrations in order to produce the layout and design. I finalized the project by providing print-ready art to the vendor. This project required me to produce some illustrations to match Jesse Moore's style and also required extensive Adobe Photoshop work to clean up certain areas. Adobe Photoshop was also used to break out parts of illustrations and use them in other spreads. 


Cherished Traditions, Great Expectations

‚ÄčThis project was produced for the Temple Chamber of Commerce. It is a hardbound book containing ads from local businesses who purchased pages for advertisement. Production included all the layout, design, pre-press and print coordination. This was a one year project.